a Slight Set Back

Okay so I’m a sorry for being AWOL for the past few days but I have just started doing Maudsley with my parents (deep joy). I do not have much time to post anything as my internet is serverely restricted for at least a few days, but I hope everyone is fine and I will read all the blogs whenever I get a chance. 🙂 Wish me luck

Question: Have any of you done Maudsley? How did you cope?

Ciao bella




Mothering Sunday

Salutations All,

I don’t know why but taday I feel happy, healthy and content. I Will now let you here my lovely singing:

The night is young, the skies are clear
And if you want to go walkin’, dear
It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s de-lovely

I understand the reason why
You’re sentimental, ’cause so am I
It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s de-lovely

You can tell at a glance what a swell night this is for romance
You can hear, dear Mother Nature murmuring low “Let yourself go”

So please be sweet, my chickadee
And when I kiss ya, just say to me
“It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s delectable, it’s delirious,
It’s dilemma, it’s de limit, it’s deluxe, it’s de-lovely”

Moving swiftly on…..

 Do any of you guys know, or like, the musical Anything Goes???multe_fde

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the UK, today was mother’s day. Now usually I procrastinate about buying a present until all that is left are the dead flowers that noone else wants. This year, however, I knew exactly want I wanted to buy her: A  Jonny Cash poster. So I went to the shop, knowing exactly which one I was going to buy and….Guess What! They had sold out!

I left, a little miffed, but “oh Well” I still had a few weeks to decide what to get. So next weekend I went into town and decided to buy the new Sade CD. I was very pleased when I saw it was reduced, but less pleased when I realised that a) its an old CD not the new one and b) My mother has already bought herself the new CD, so I can’t swap the  CD which I bought!

But its the thought that counts, right?

But I also gave myself a mother’s day present

A chocolate easter Rice Crispie Nest. Already eaten. Of my own accord! Yes, that’s right, I did something I haven’t done for ages and had a cake out of choice. And I admit it: It was yummy!


More Eatables:

this is a variation on my banana vanilla bran, but with pears and cocoa. The cocoa was lovely but I don’t think the pear is as good when cooked.

A was still hungry, so made Muesli, with oats, nuts, raspberries, cottage cheese ans Blueberries

My afternoon snack was cereal topped with flax, yoghurt and apple

 I made a curry for my mummy with guinea fowl and various vegetables and brown rice

Au Revoir





I scream, you scream, we all scream for…baked beans?!

The purpose of the post is to enlighten anyone (especially you yanks!) who have not had the pleasure of Beans of Toast for Breakfast. I hope this short story board can awaken you to its delights…

firstly, and obviously, take half a tin of baked beans
also, a good helping of cottage cheese

quickly fry up some veggies: pepper, tomatos, mushrooms, anything!

 Oh, and don’t forget the toast!

sorry, dont have a picture of my toast

throw all these lovely ingrerdients together and enjoy:


Today I had to go to a really boring Youth Parliment day. It is, quite frankly, a waste of a weekend and Iwould have much rather been at home! The only conselation was that I brought one of my favourite snackies to keep me going 🙂

spot the Nakd bar 😉


I am feeling a lot happier than I was yesterday (well, that’s not difficult!) and I just want to post this poem as I think its Brill!

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win but think you can’t,
It’s almost certain you won’t.
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.


Peace Out!




Ugh!.. and Apathy…

Hello y’all!

Today I did something that I am not proud of…and got caught. I dont want to go into detail as I don’t want to trigger anyone but it was regarding being weighed – and involved me lying. To my mother.

I know that you cannot blame the ED for everything. I cannot say that it isn’t me and its not my fault and “oh I am trying sooooo hard” when it is my body, my mind that lies. But even so, if two years ago you had told me i would be lying to my perants as much as I am now, I would have denied it. I wont deny that my ED has changed me and is still manipulating me, I just don’t know how to get out! The cycles keep repeating themselves: I throw a tantrum, my mother talks to me, I am encouraged and resolved to “try”,… but then the bastard ED tells me I shouldn’t have that, or can eat that or that I’m lazy, gluttinous or that they are lying, and i go back to how I was.

HOw do I get out?????

Also, my mother wants me to start having a tsp of malt barley each day. what the heck is that???


Unfortunately, I only have two photos for today. I was too apathetic to take photos! Oh well more tomorrow!

new covent garden tomato + basil soup.

and then

Rachel’s Organic vanilla yoghurt, Raspberries, Flaxseed

 well, see you tommorow,,, in a better mood!



All hope is not lost….

…without a microwave. I present to you:  

My Fricken awesome Breakfast (sans Micrrowave)

I won’t write much on this as I think i should let the pictured do the talking, but I will say that in order to make this breakfast, i was up before 6 on a school day. Such hard work :P  

Okay, start off with a cereal (allbran) milk and vanilla extract

Also, take 1 pitta bread, some parmesan cheese and some plum tomatoes


grill thouroughly, but not too thouroughly!

Take some left over pasta, with cottage cheese and grapefruit

add a banana into the cereal sludge and pour into a bowl...

finally, line all three up and devour (eat the pitta first)



Also, did you know that Lucie is doing a fab giveaway of one of her awesome bars??????? 




A Catastrophe!

Terrible news everyone!   

The worst thing that could happen to a lazy person just happened to me. No, I havent been forced to do some excersize and actually move my arse! My microwave has broken!!!  

so I am understandbley pretty worried about my upcoming breakfasts, without porridge, what?  

This could however be a blessing in disguise! I may get such strong hot breakfast cravings that I just have to try making something on the stove, thus increasing my culinary repetoire  

(or maybe i am just delerious from lack of porridge?)  

 How do you all cook your oats? And for how long????


So obviously no breakfast photos today. I had a dental appointment today and had my braces removed! 🙂 It feels so wierd to have smooth  teeth. The first the I did was go home and eat an apple. YES   


I had lunch before I went back to school. It wasn’t very nice. The rosti was very Al dente and the smoked salmon was far too salty. Humph. Oh well, we went and bought so Nakd and Trek bars before going back to school, so I suppose that was the silver lining! (In and art lessson later we were told we had to do an observational drawing of sweets or chocolate bars> imagine the looks i got when i whipped out and Nakd bar!)multe_fde  


Okay so i know he didn’t mean it cruelly but I am so p*ssD with my father right now! We were in the car and I looked at myself in the mirror and said nonchalantly holy cow, i have a moustache I didn’t expect my father to say anything but then he says “YES and starts talking about lanugo. It was so patronizing and i feel like the bearded lady! gosh – Angst!


Found this fab dress today:   

It was not too expensive but would have been very cold  and was a little too low cut

I will keep you informed on the microwave situation. lol  

Night All   






Material Girl!


Hi Bloggers

Urgh….Don’t you hate that you wait all week for the weekend, then, feel so free on Saturday, but on Sunday you can’t relax because its like “shit, I’ve got homework etc.” and the before you know it, it’s monday Again. Really I should do homework in the week, to, yunno, free up leisure time, but honestly, I procrastinate on the internet waaaay to much. Ha. Ha. Ha, I’m Lazy.   

I don’t know about you guys, but where I live, it is freeeeeeezing (got down to -7 celcius last night). I’m not natrually the warmest of people but in these temperatures my extremities are BLUE! I can’t be certain but reason leads me to believe that it is being underweight that makes me cold (obvious, i know, Duh!). Bring on summer is all i can say! 


What do you guys do when you’re COLD??? 



What’s with the Title???  

Well, I have been staying at my mother’s house this weekend and really have been waiting for a presant! I know that seems a bit pressumtuous, but i knew that she was going to give me something since a few days ago, a package addressed to her, came from Jack Wills. Before my mother had had a chance to hide it,  I gave ita squeeze…..and let’s say it felt very much like a hoodie. Do you want to know what it was….?  

Not quite a hoodie, but i still love it!

then, continuing being obsessed with things money can buy, i went shopping this afternoon and…. 

firstly a little trip to *bux for a coffee I fell in love with this dress, but honestly, it would be too cold to wear! On to the food! So using my great culinary and breakfast talents, i managed to transform these previously unseen ingredients:Smoked salmon, cottage cheese, bread, spinach, a plum tomato, porridge and a banana. I manage to create:Half of the banana was whipped in and the other half on top. and honestly, it was such an unadulterated banana extravaganza. BANANA PORN!! On the side is a cappucinno made by my lurvely mummy with Green and Black's Organic Cocoa sprinkled on top. It was so lovely!............<3 heres some other stuff:new covent garden tomato + basil soup. homework. Ugh!Rachel's Organic vanilla yoghurt, Raspberries, Flaxseed


Oka wow that was a long post, see y’all so, night